homemade raspberry marshmallows
chocolate + candy

homemade raspberry marshmallows

these homemade raspberry marshmallows are made from maple syrup instead corn syrup. they use freeze dried raspberries (both in and dusted on) to create that beautiful pink color! these are perfect for dipping in chocolate for a fun take on chocolate dipped berries (aka, valentines ready candy)

chocolate tahini mug cake
cakes chocolate + candy

chocolate tahini mug cake

this deliciously decadent chocolate tahini cake is quick, easy and made from a handful of simple ingredients. this grain free, gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free (when using DF chocolate) cake delivers big on taste and time. make this the next time your sweet tooth strikes!

black cocoa tart
chocolate + candy dessert pies + tarts

rose water strawberry BLACK COCOA TART

there are few parings as perfect as strawberries and chocolate. playing off that pairing, this tart takes the bold, dark flavor of black cocoa and pairs with with a rich. silky bittersweet ganache for the ultimate chocolate tart. the rosewater macerated strawberries bring a sweet, lightly floral and tart note to this classic dessert. chocolate and strawberries never looked so good.

chocolate + candy cookies gathering and grazing boards

easiest holiday dessert gathering board

the easiest and fast can also be impressive! this dessert charcuterie board is made entirely from store bought cookies, candies and chocolates. this takes under half an hour to create, with the most time spent getting everything out of the packaging! everyone will love this twist on a traditional gathering board and you will love how easily it came together!