black cocoa tart with rose water strawberries

black cocoa tart

there are few parings as perfect as strawberries and chocolate. playing off that pairing, this tart takes the bold, dark flavor of black cocoa and pairs with with a rich. silky bittersweet ganache for the ultimate chocolate tart. the rosewater macerated strawberries bring a sweet, lightly floral and tart note to this classic dessert. chocolate and strawberries never looked so good.

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bergamot lemon + earl grey tart

freshly squeezed bergamot lemon juice makes the most deliclously sweet and tart curd to fill an earl grey laced shortbread crust. impressive, yet super simple to make. this is all the best of citrus season in one delectable dessert!

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sumac + chocolate ganache tart

made from a handful of ingredients, this sumac + chocolate ganache tart is both easy to make as it is beautiful. a rich, silky chocolate ganache fills an easy almond flour cocoa crust. the whole tart is topped with a lightly sweetened whipped cream and shaved chocolate right before serving.

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