Sugar + Spice Cookies

Indulge your love for cookie baking with 60 fresh, flavorful and creative recipes in Sugar + Spice Cookies. Transform ordinary cookie recipes into something extraordinary with aromatic herbs and sweet spices paired with seasonal fruits.

The recipes in Classics use lots of warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. 

In this chapter you will find classic cookies with a creative spin such as: coffee cake and cinnamon roll cookies. 

Chocolate is exactly as the name implies; lots and lots of chocolate! If you’re like me, you already know who you will bake these cookies for.

From tahini chocolate chip cookies to tiramisu brownie cookie sandwiches, these are the recipes you go to for your next chocolate craving.

Nuts is designed to celebrate the buttery, creamy and earthy quality of these dried fruit seeds and legumes.

Citrus brings the bright and tart flavors of lemon, orange and lime and pairs them with floral, sweet and savory herbs from the evergreen family.

Fruits is filled with spiced cookies that are designed highlight the scents and flavors of fresh fruit.

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