Frozen Margarita Pie

This frozen margarita pie is made from a creamy lime and tequila filling and a salty sweet pretzel crust. It's a perfect boozy dessert for summer.

Process pretzels into fine crumbs. Add brown sugar and lime zest. Process again. Mix well with melted butter. Press the crust into the bottom of a springform pan. 

Step 1:  

In large mixing bowl, pour the sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, tequila, lime or lemon extract and salt. Using a large spoon or spatula, stir the ingredients together until well combined.

Step 2:  

Gently fold in the whipped cream into the sweetened milk filling.

Step 3:  

Once the filling is fully combined. Taste and adjust flavors as needed.

Step 4:  

Pour the filling into the chilled pretzel crust. Freeze for 2 hours.

Step 5:  

If topping with any of the suggested toppings, add them now. Wrap the pie with plastic wrap and freeze a minimum of 6 more hours.

Step 6:  

After 8 hours, the pie can be served.  The filling should be set enough to slice through easily. Slice and serve immediately.

Step 7:  

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