Powdered Sugar Donuts

Powdered sugar donuts are soft, moist and fluffy, lightly spiced baked donuts coated in powdered sugar. They're quick and easy to make using two bowls, a whisk and a donut pan.

Preheat the oven to 350 (177 C). Grease 1 - 2 6 ct. donut pans and set aside. To make donut holes, grease a mini muffin pan.

Step 1:  

In a large bowl, whisk the flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, ground cinnamon or nutmeg and salt together until well combined.

Step 2:  

In another large bowl, whisk the eggs until lightly beaten. Whisk in the oil, vanilla extract and milk until smooth and fully combine.

Step 3:  

Mix the dry ingredients to the wet. Whisk well until mostly smooth and just combined.

Step 4:  

Carefully transfer the donut batter into a piping bag or ziplock bag. Pipe the donut batter into each of the prepared donut cavities in the donut pan. This should fill about ¾ of each cavity of the donut pan.

Step 5:  

Bake the donuts for about 10 -12  minutes. The donuts are finished baking when the tops bounce back quickly when lightly pressed.

Step 6:  

Cool the donuts in the pan for 5 minutes before gently taking them out of the pan and transferring them onto a cooling rack. Pour the powdered sugar into a clean ziplock bag. While the donuts are still warm, toss one at a time into the powdered sugar until well coated.

Step 7:  

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