Strawberry Angel Food Cake

This strawberry angel food cake is a wonderfully refreshing dessert made from fluffy cake, creamy cheesecake filling and a fresh strawberry topping.

Purée ½ of the strawberries in a food processor. Reserve the other ½ strawberries for serving.

Step 1:  

Transfer the strawberry purée in a sauce pan with the sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice and vanilla extract. Heat over medium heat until boiling.

Step 2:  

Pour the strawberry glaze through a mesh strainer into a bowl with the other ½ strawberries. Stir the fresh or frozen berries with the glaze for strawberries until fully coated.

Step 3:  

In stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment or with an electric hand mixer, beat the cream cheese on low until smooth. Beat in the sugar and lemon juice until smooth and well combined. Beat in ½ of the cool whip (about 2 cups) until smooth and well combined.

Step 4:  

Transfer the cubed angel food cake into a 9 x 13 pan. Pour the cream cheese filling onto the food cake. Gently mix the cake with the filling until the pieces are mostly coated. Gently press the cake pieces back into an even layer.

Step 5:  

Top the cake and creamy filling with the remaining cool whip (2 cups).

Step 6:  

When it’s time to serve, spoon the strawberry glaze on top of the angel food cake and enjoy!

Step 7:  

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