Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream

Fruity Pebbles ice cream is an easy and creamy, no churn cereal milk ice cream infused with fruity pebbles flavor. Simply mix, layer, freeze and enjoy!

Pour the heavy cream into a mixing bowl with the Fruity Pebbles cereal. Stir well to combine.

Step 1:  

Whisk on medium speed to medium peaks with a whisk attachment (or beaters).

Step 2:  

In a separate bowl mix the sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice, orange juice, vanilla extract and salt until well combined.

Step 3:  

Pour the sweetened mixture into the whipped cereal heavy cream and mix until combined.

Step 4:  

Layer the homemade cereal milk ice cream with Fruity Pebbles cereal into a freezer proof container.

Step 5:  

Transfer the Fruity Pebbles ice cream to the freezer to set for 1-2 hours. Then cover the entire container in plastic wrap and a layer of foil. Freeze the ice cream for at least 8 hours, but preferably overnight.

Step 6:  

Pull the ice cream out to sit at room temperature for about 5 minutes, scoop and enjoy!

Step 7:  

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