chewy triple chocolate citrus cookie
citrus cookies

chewy triple chocolate citrus cookies

these chewy triple chocolate citrus cookies are full of bright citrus flavor from both orange zest and orange extract. the chewiness comes from the egg yolk only base that has me rethinking everything I thought I knew about cookies! brown butter and three kinds of chocolate enhance and round out this rich, citrus infused cookie.

homemade raspberry marshmallows
chocolate + candy

homemade raspberry marshmallows

these homemade raspberry marshmallows are made from maple syrup instead corn syrup. they use freeze dried raspberries (both in and dusted on) to create that beautiful pink color! these are perfect for dipping in chocolate for a fun take on chocolate dipped berries (aka, valentines ready candy)

creamy tahini cauliflower dip
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creamy tahini roasted cauliflower dip

this creamy tahini roasted cauliflower dip is similar in taste and texture to traditional hummus. made from roasted cauliflower, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, aromatic spices and a drizzle of olive oil. it makes a great alternative, low carb and still delicious dip! serve this with seeded flatbread, veggies or even regular pita bread (for those who want their carb fix!)