chewy triple chocolate citrus cookie
citrus cookies

chewy triple chocolate citrus cookies

these chewy triple chocolate citrus cookies are full of bright citrus flavor from both orange zest and orange extract. the chewiness comes from the egg yolk only base that has me rethinking everything I thought I knew about cookies! brown butter and three kinds of chocolate enhance and round out this rich, citrus infused cookie.

almond rye thumbprint cookies
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almond rye thumbprint cookies

these cute thumbprint cookies are made from a blend of almond, rye and all purpose flour, butter, and sugar. they’re buttery, a little earthy , soft little gems. don’t forget to fill them with your favorite sweet, tart jams or preserves. the only question is- do you want to share them?!

maple chocolate chip cookies

maple chocolate chip cookies

all the classic flavors of the original chocolate chip cookie, made even more delicious with the addition of maple syrup. the maple flavor pairs with + enhances the flavors of the nutty brown butter and sweet chocolate. making this perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookie completely irresistible!

bars cookies

brown butter funfetti blondie bars

these easy to make brown butter blondie bars get a festive addtion of sprinkles inside. make them even more special by topping then with an easy to make buttercream frosting and even more sprinkles! these bars are perfect for celebrating birthdays and every day.