do what you love…

trying my best not to be awkward on this side of the camera!

and you’ll never work again. sure, it’s cliche, but for most of my adult life, i couldn’t relate to this on the most intimate level. life has a funny way of circling back and showing you where you need to go next. so here i am, in my 30’s, combining my love of food + photography into a blog…

like i said, life is funny, yeah?

this particular turn isn’t all that surprising to me (or anyone who knows me). food is quite literally on my mind all the time. vacations, celebrations, holidays, events, you name it! food is what i love and making food beautiful is one of my simple pleasures in life. its been something i’ve done for as long as i can remember. ironically enough, i once told someone many years ago, “you can’t really make a living making food beautiful (and then photographing it)!” well, it turns out, you can. who knew? 😉

why food? other than my complete love for it, food is often the first (and in my experience, positive) interaction with a different culture. its truly a beautiful thing, how food can bring people together; showing us we have more in common than we see at first glance. living in new york city for many years, opened my eyes, heart and taste buds to so many different foods and beautiful people. it was such a transformative time and something i will always treasure.

through this blog/site, i hope to bring you fresh, approachable updates on classic favorites, and maybe a short story or two. i have a notorious, albeit random, sweet tooth. so, you’ll find lots of sweet recipes and a few savory ones, too. it really just depends on what im craving at any given moment. my current food favorites (ok, obsessions) are chocolate + tahini. well, tahini everything really! other blog/non food related favorites include parenthesis, the look of lower case letters when i’m typing (i know, its an aesthetic thing) + photography.

a couple of months ago, i could never have imagined bringing all my experiences and passions into one place, much less a blog. life is just funny and unexpected that way. more posts, recipes and beautiful food is on the way. stay a while, take a look around and enjoy!

all my love, megs


  1. I’m so glad you started this site and are jumping right in to do what you love! Excited to find all your chocolate and tahini recipes in one place. 🙂

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