creamy tahini roasted cauliflower dip

creamy tahini cauliflower dip

this creamy tahini roasted cauliflower dip is similar in taste and texture to traditional hummus. made from roasted cauliflower, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, aromatic spices and a drizzle of olive oil. it makes a great alternative, low carb and still delicious dip! serve this with seeded flatbread, veggies or even regular pita bread (for those who want their carb fix!)

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caramelized white chocolate

its been said that if someone gives you caramelized white chocolate, they must really love you. why you ask? while its not difficult to make, it takes a bit of time and a bit more love and attention to make. i promise you though, it is worth it. so, worth it. this magical thing happens […]

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cauliflower hummus

now i know what you’re thinking….”do we really need another hummus recipe?” and the answer is probably not, BUT this one is so delicious, i’m going to share it with you anyway! if you are paleo, keto, or just generally dislike the cute little garbanzo i affectionately call, chickpea, this cauliflower based hummus is FOR […]

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